Commitment with Integrity and Ethics

Portonave, as the first private terminal to handle containers in Brazil was born and keep a strong posture against bribery and corruption in these 15 years of operation. These commitment are documented in our Code of Conduct and Antibribery Policy which make our duties and responsabilities clear as members of a Company transparent and compromised to the best market practices.
This year, a Portonave gave one more step to fighting corruption by obtaining the certification under ISO 37001. The adequation to an Antibribery Management Systen was approved and is incentivated by the Board of Administration and Executive Officers as na inteligente way to beware against damages potentially irreparable of undue practices.
This certification is part of a package of internal control actions which permeates all the Company departments, since the Board of Administration to the blue-collar workers, that aims to protect even more the financial health, sustainability and reputation of Portonave and its employees.
We dedicate a Compliance area combined to the Legal Department in order to support risk assessment, controls implementation and action monitoring of the Company. Any unethical conduct or bribery suspition can and shall be reported through the adequate channel [1], even anonimously and will be dealt with full transparency by our Ethics Committee and Compliance Officer, under the direct supervision of the Board of Administration.
Thus, Portonave have all the internal tools to face the challengs in fighting corruption and bribery, so our actual and future success are and will always be marked by the ethic and integrity with the support of our team with excellence professionals.

Patrício Júnior
Chairman of the Board

[1] Ethics Channel:
Telephone: 0800 878 9017, from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

Code of Conduct

Learn more about Portonave’s Code of Corporate Ethics and Conduct. This document is a declaration of the company’s personal and corporate conduct policies as well as an ethics and conduct guideline to be followed by its employees. To access the document, click here

Anti-Bribery Policy

Portonave is committed to undertaking business fairly and to upholding all applicable anti-bribery laws when conducting business. Click here to check the anti-bribery policy.


If any facts are found to contradict the documented guidelines above, please contact one of the following channels:

Telephone: 0800 878 9017, from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.
Website: Click this link to register your complaint on the independent web page.

ISO 37001:2016

In December 2021, Portonave has been certified with ISO 37001:2016 certification, issued by Lloyd’s Register, which undeniably attests that its Anti-Bribery Management System is in line with the best global practices on the subject. Portonave was the first container port terminal to obtain this certification in Brazil. This achievement is one of the strategies adopted by the company to reinforce one of its values, Integrity.