700,323 TEUs handled marks Portonave´s best 6 months yet

Localised at the Port Complex of Itajaí and Navegantes, Portonave registered its largest movement of containers in one six month period: 700, 323 TEUs, equivalent to a 20 foot container,  were operated between January and June – beating last year´s second half record of 634,998 TEUs: a growth of 22% compared to the first 6 months of 2022.

The performance is a result of partnership with importers and exporters that choose to leave and receive their cargo in Navegantes and with shipping lines, that currently have 14 navigation lines with Portonave. Our 1,100 employees carry out operations with safety, efficiency and quality.

For six years, Portonave has been recognised as the terminal that moves the most containers in South Brasil. According to Datamar data, this represents 64% of Santa Catarina´s market participation between January and May.

Since the beginning of operations, 11.7 million TEUs have been handled and 8.7 thousand vessel calls serviced up until June. Timber and frozen meat were among the main products exported during this quarter, along with plastic, textiles and machinery for imported goods. Most of these products come from, or are sent to China and the U.S.A.

Centenary Months

This quarter, more than 100 thousand TEU´s have been handled every month: unpublished levels of movement in the Terminal´s history.

  • January: 104.4 thousand TEUs
  • February: 101.1 thousand TEUs
  • March: 124 thousand TEUs
  • April: 117.2 thousand TEUs
  • May: 126.8 thousand TEUs (biggest movement in one month)
  • June: 126.5 thousand TEUs

Gate Access

Numbers at the Gate – the entrance and exit area for trucks – are at the highest registered. More than 329 trucks accessed the terminal in the first half of the year – a growth of 29% compared to 254 thousand in 2022. In the first half of 2022, 1600 containers were received at the gate. Today, this number has increased to approximately 2100. In june, a record 2,944 containers were handled in a single day.

Iceport Numbers

Iceport, a completely automated cold storage unit integrated with the terminal, is a reference in the market. This is due to operational quality and speciality services offered to countries such as Chile and Mexico, or Muslim regions requiring Halal products. The Mexican market was the highlight in April, May and June when 5 thousand tons were handled.

Social Responsibility

During the first quarter of 2023, 27 thousand people were involved in social causes. R$ 3 million  was invested in both direct and incentivised cultural, educational, sporting, health and environmental projects.

Project Somos do Mar

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