Portonave, abril de 2019. Foto: Guilherme Pupo

Located in the city of Navegantes, Santa Catarina state, Portonave started operating in October 2007, as Brazil’s first private port terminal. The Company distributes the production of the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil and other South American countries and receives cargo from all over the world.

Internationally recognized for its quality services and high productivity, the company directly employs more than 1,100 employees and is committed to excellence and the promotion of sustainable development.

One of Portonave’s important competitive differentials is Iceport, a fully automated cold storage chamber, with six transelevators, and static capacity for 16,000 pallet positions. It also has an antechamber with 13 docks for receiving cargo. Its storage area totals 50,000 sqm.

Currently, Portonave’s area totals 400,000 sqm, divided into three mooring berths, in a 900-meter linear quay, with static storage capacity of 30,000 TEUs (a measurement unit equivalent to one 20-foot container).

It is worth mentioning the terminal’s infrastructure: 6 portainers, 18 transtainers, 40 terminal tractors, 6 Reach Stacker forklifts and 5 empty loaders, 2 scanners and 3.210 reefer outlets are among the differentials offered by Portonave.

Portonave 15 years
Handling more than containers

A history full of groundbreaking events, innovation, sustainability, professionalism, and high commitment to the community.
In its 15-year anniversary, Portonave has carved its name not only in the history of the municipality of Navegantes but also in the State of Santa Catarina and throughout the domestic and international port industry.
And this book will tell you everything that happened during these first 15 years of existence.

A giant awakes
Click here to read the messages from the Shareholder and Management as well as the firsts two chapters.

Where it all began
The trailblazers and Ponta da Divineia, and the beginning of a history full of groundbreaking events. Click here to read.

People-oriented management
Click here to read about the permanent qualification and safety firsts. Expansion, the first 10 years, and the New Evolution Basin.

The city of Navegantes goes through changes
The care for the city and the constant concern for sustainability. Click here to read.

Social Accountability
Portonave Institute enters the game to guide social accountability actions. Interviewees record the company’s legacy. Click here to read.

Click here to read about the key milestones of these first 15 years of history.

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