Occupational health and safety

Portonave considers its professionals’ health and safety essential values for the success of the business. The company believes that achieving operational excellence is only possible when, at the end of the day, everyone can return to their families the same way they left to work.


As well as a beacon that indicates the safest route for vessels in coastal navigation, the Health, Safety and Environment team – SSMA aims to guide the company to operate safely and respecting the environment. In this context, Portonave embraced the beacon as a symbol of its commitment to Health and Safety.

Logotipo Programa de Segurança – PORTONAVE E SSMA


Portonave has a framework of qualified and experienced health and safety professionals, consisting in one Work Safety Engineer, six Occupational Safety Technicians, two Nursing Technicians and one Occupational Health Doctor.

The company also has an emergency care team consisting of civilian firefighters, first-aiders and rescuers and emergency care involving hazardous chemicals, as well as a 24-hour monitoring team.


In 2018, Portonave earned the certification of its Occupational Health and Safety Management system in the International Standard OHSAS 18.001:2007. In 2019, the certification ISO 45001:2018 confirms the company’s commitment to sustainable development – where business, planet and human beings are at the same level of concern and care.

ISO 45001 Certificate


Portonave Health and Safety Management system is based on the identification and evaluation of the hazards at the workplace, which allows the company to set out the necessary measures to control the risks at ALARP levels (As Low as Reasonably Practicable) in addition to enabling the prioritization of actions.



Portonave is committed to the search for an injury-free work environment, and believes that the encouragement of the culture of intervention is critical to achieving the goal of zero occupational accidents and, therefore, clarifies that:

Being healthy and safe at the workplace and seeking for the safety of the teams is each one’s right and responsibility.

The right to refuse when facing a risky situation is guaranteed to all, and this includes questioning your leadership, if required.

If you have any doubt: stop, intervene. Do not allow that deviations, as smaller as they may be, compromise your safety and that of your work peers. Portonave will thank you.

Think safe, your family is waiting for you.

Portonave – Intervention power


Portonave believes that the integral compliance with the Golden Rules of Safety is critical in the prevention of occupational accidents, and that these rules must be part of the DNA of the company and of all who work in it. These are ten simple and non-negotiable rules, which aim to reinforce safety behaviors and procedures in all activities performed at Portonave.

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By prioritizing professionals’ and service providers’ health and welfare, Portonave is against the misuse of alcohol and licit or illicit drugs. Everyone must be able to exercise their activities for as long as they are at the service of the company.

Based on these assumptions mentioned above, the company defines that:

  • Use, possession or distribution of alcohol and illicit drugs, as well as the permanence in the workplace under the effect of these substances, is prohibited;
  • Those who make use of medications that can alter their behavioral status and impair the performance of their functions, shall report the situation to their immediate superior or outpatient team before starting their working hours;
  • The company may carry out, in a preventive manner and whenever it deems necessary, tests to check the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs;
  • Cases of accidents at work with professionals of the company or service providers will be analyzed punctually, and alcohol and drug tests can be performed with those involved;
  • Considering that the abuse of alcohol and drugs is a disease, the professional will be instructed to seek help and treatment;
  • Medical information will be treated in a confidential manner, with exclusive access of the Occupational Health Doctor at the service of the company;
  • Violation of the principles of the Alcohol and Drug Policy will result in the immediate withdrawal of the professional or service provider from the workplace and may generate a disciplinary action.


The work permit is a communication document between the teams responsible for task execution and Work Safety. Through this tool, the professionals are aware of the activities, assess the risks at each stage of the work and set out the necessary control measures to minimize them.

Portonave has a work permit system for activities deemed to be of serious risk. Works involving height, confined space, electricity, sources of heat outside designated areas, among others, must be preceded by a work permit and preliminary risk analysis.

Permissão de Trabalho


Occupational Hygiene is the science responsible for identifying and evaluating physical, chemical and biological risks in the workplace. Programs such as the Environmental Risk Prevention (PPRA) and Occupational Health Medical Control (PCMSO) allow the company to anticipate, recognize and assess the risks of greater relevance to its professionals, as well as to set out the control measures and monitoring required to ensure your health and physical integrity.

In addition to these programs, Portonave has a Respiratory Protection Program (PPR) and a Hearing Conservation Program (PCA), always aiming to mitigate the risks to workers’ health.



The company has a rigorous system for registration, approval and control of purchase of products and services and requires the full compliance with the policy of its management system of all contractors.

Service providers must meet the terminal safety integration annually, available at the link below.

Portonave Integration


The Emergency Control Plan, or simply PCE, is a tool that aims to standardize response actions at emergency situations. When properly implemented, the PCE increases the efficiency and efficacy of the control work, extends the safety of the people involved and reduces the chances of loss of lives, material goods and damage to the environment.

Portonave and Iceport have an Emergency Control Plan for the main scenarios, which are: Rescue of victims at height; Accidents involving personal injuries; Fire and/or explosion; Hazardous chemicals leakage; Man falling in the estuary waters; Adverse weather conditions; Ammonia leakage; Pollution or environmental accident. The companies perform monthly simulated exercises for training and familiarization of response teams in the defined procedures.



In addition to the PCE, Portonave is a member of the Mutual Assistance Plan (PAM) and Area Plan (PA) of the Itajaí-Açu River port complex. These are integrated procedures, adopted by the port and bonded terminals of the Itajaí complex, for cases in which internal resources are insufficient for the control of emergencies.

PSG.ST.001 – Plano de Controle de Emergência – PCE

Atestado de Vistoria do Corpo de Bombeiros – AVCB