Iceport Cold Storage Terminal


Iceport operates as a logistic center specialized in cold storage cargo. Its solutions integrate management and logistics in warehousing operations, road transport and the Depot of Reefer containers, providing all the structure necessary to exporting and importing its clients’ refrigerated cargo.

Iceport occupies an area of 50,000 sqm, static storage capacity for 16,000 pallet positions and an antechamber with 13 docks for receiving and dispatching goods. The chamber is fully automated and has six transelevators, increasing operational capacity with a more accurate inventory management. In addition to the chamber, it also offers transport and container depot storage services, fully managed by a team of skilled and motivated employees.


  • Integrated logistics management;
  • Cargo consolidation;
  • Storage services;
  • Recovery of cold temperature;
  • Container stowage;
  • Cross-docking;
  • Stock management;
  • Packing list;
  • Stock inventory;
  • Container resealing;
  • Energy monitoring in reefer container plugging;
  • Road transport, internal: Terminal – Chamber – Terminal, External: to other locations and washing of trailer-trucks and containers.


Automated Vertical Chamber

  • 14,324 thousand positions/pallets.
  • Six automated transelevators.
  • Pallet dynamic weight checking systems at entry.
  • Barcode pallet ID labeling.
  • Handling capacity (entry and departure) of 280 pallets/hour.

Conventional Chamber

  • 1,536 simple pallet positions.
  • Three tunnels for cold temperature reinforcement with 30 pallet positions each.


  • Automated checking system for palletized cargo size.
  • 13 loading and unloading docks.
  • Electric palletizers and trans-palletizers.
  • Electric and gas forklifts for external yard.
  • Collectors for electronic cargo checking through radiofrequency.

Technological Structure

  • Stock control through the WMS (Warehouse Management System).
  • Barcode pallet ID labels.
  • Process management through data collectors with barcode scanners.
  • Electronic checking of cargo entry and departure using RFID technology.
  • Compatibility with data transmission via EDI.
  • Automated storage.


Iceport has an Export Authorization Certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), the agency responsible for authorizing food industries to export to the following markets:

  • European Union;
  • Russia Federation;
  • Chile;
  • Argentina;
  • Paraguay;
  • Uruguay;
  • Mexico;
  • South Africa;
  • Japan;
  • Israel;
  • Other countries that do not have the necessary requirements.

*Check the detailed list of authorizations in the MAPA – SIGSIF system

In order to obtain the certificates, the company must meet rigorous criteria required by the prevailing legislation and comply with the international quality standards which ensure food safety across all production stages. In addition to these certifications, Iceport is ISO 9001 certified.

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

“Portonave S/A – Terminais Portuários de Navegantes, a container port operator and Iceport Terminal Frigorífico de Navegantes S/A, a frozen cargo storage facility, taking into account the scope of their Integrated Management System, direct their efforts toward meeting the following guidelines:

  • To seek CLIENT SATISFACTION, meeting their requirements pursuant to the agreed terms and conditions.
  • To assure the COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS and other requirements applicable to their management system.
  • To manage environmental aspects and impacts, with focus on waste management and hazardous cargo, in order TO PREVENT POLLUTION AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.
  • To eliminate its hazards and reduce risks, especially those related to cargo handling and storage and asset maintenance, to provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to PREVENT INJURIES AND OCCUPATIONAL DISEASES.
  • To promote CONSULTATION AND PARTICIPATION of professionals, and where they exist, their representatives, in matters related to the Occupational Safety and Health Management System.
  • To conduct it’s business with HONESTY AND ETHICS as set forth in the Anti-Bribery Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • To provide CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to processes and performance of the Integrated Management System.


Rev.013 – 19 december 2019