Entry/Departure Slip for Loose Cargo and Special Cases

For delivery or removal of non-containerized cargo (loose cargo and special cases), clients, customs officers or carriers should fill in the form available in this link and ask the driver to deliver the document at the Gate at the scheduled time.

Handling Special Cargo

To request handling special cargo (break bulk, loose cargo) you must fill in the document available in this link and forward to the e-mail

Non-Operating Reefer Request

To request a Non-Operational Reefer, you must fill out the form available in this link, at least 24 hours before the ship docks, and forward it to the e-mail

Late Arrival

For Late Arrival request (LAR), the Shipping Company must fill in the form this link and forward it to the emails and

Statement of release of empty ISO tank container with waste

In order to request the release of the loading of ISO tank units with waste, after confirmation of the arrival of the units at the Terminal, you should fill in the form  available in this link and forward it, stamped and signed by the requesting person, attached to the release request, to the email