Procedure for removal of waste from vessels

Brazilian environmental legislation stipulates that port terminals must adopt the appropriate means to receive and process various types of waste and to combat pollution.

Portonave does everything possible to ensure the full enforcement of legislation, the respect for and preservation of the environment, as well as the excellence of all services provided. It is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Considering that Portonave does not explore the removal, transport and final disposal of waste from vessels and aims at adequately disposing of it, the Port Terminal discloses the Procedure for Removal of Waste from Vessels, which regulates the removal of solid, liquid and oil waste from vessels in its facilities.

In case of doubt, please contact the Environmental Management Area of the Safety Department of Portonave via:

Phones: +55 47 2104-3499 / +55 47 9 8802-3538
Address: Avenida Portuária Vicente Coelho, número 01, 1o. andar, São Domingos, Navegantes, SC, CEP 88.370-904.

Vessel Waste Removal Procedure

Term of Responsibility for the Provision of Waste Removal Services

Ship Waste Removal Certificate

Companies authorized to provide waste removal services

Vale Indústria e Comércio de Óleo Combustível Ltda. – EPP
Corporate Taxpayer ID (CNPJ): 82.179.193/0001-54
Phone: +55 (47) 3384-3211

Vale Ambiental Serviço de Coleta e Transporte de Resíduos Ltda. – ME
Corporate Taxpayer ID (CNPJ): 18.739.642/0001-72
Phones: +55 (47) 3349 1037 / +55 (47) 9 9171 9260



In compliance with paragraph 1 of Article 2 of Resolution No. 2650 -. ANTAQ, of September 26, 2012, which says: “The information forwarded to ANTAQ should also be made available in electronic sites of port facilities”, Portonave has taken the information of this waste made by companies already registered in the terminal for this purpose.

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