Ethics Channel

Professionals, clients, suppliers and Portonave service providers have one more exclusive denunciation channel to report behavior in violation of the Portonave Code of Conduct. This channel receives confidential complaints including but not limited to; moral and sexual harassment, conflicts of interest, suspected fraud and the diversion of goods. Complaints may remain anonymous if requested.

Cases are handled by an independent company that ensures information confidentiality. The Portonave Ethics Committee will analyse and investigate each report, taking appropriate action where necessary. Confidentiality and non-retaliation is guaranteed, even in cases where the complainant is identified. The role of the aggrieved is to report the facts and must neither investigate the details nor determine which corrective steps should be taken in each case.


Situations that can be reported to the Ethics Channel:

  • Moral and Sexual Harassment;
  • Conflict of interests;
  • Suspected Fraud;
  • Freight forwarding; among others.

The subjects are recorded by an independent company, which guarantees the confidentiality of the information recorded. Upon receipt, the Notice will be reviewed by Portonave Ethics Committee which will investigate the matter and take the appropriate actions for each case, ensuring the confidentiality of the subject and not the rapporteur retaliation if it is identified.


If you identify any fact that is against the values and mission of the company, expressed in Portonave Code of Ethics, search the Ethics Channel through the following channels:

In which case you should not use the Ethics Channel?

For complaints, questions or suggestions of an operational nature. Example: HR Affairs, cargo transportation, equipment maintenance, document request, curriculum registration, among others. These issues can be dealt with by the Ombudsman.