Container movements at Portonave grow by 10% in 2023

The Terminal established a record of 1.3 million TEUs handled last year

Located in Navegantes, Santa Catarina, the company had a year of growth and achievements: it reached the handling of 1,327,098 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) in 2023, a 10% growth compared to the previous period, with 650 vessel calls received. December was marked by the handling of 133,282 TEUs, a record for a single month. In total, 12.4 million TEUs have been handled since the beginning of operations in 2007.

According to the latest data released by Datamar, a consultancy specialized in maritime logistics, Portonave represented 15% of the market share in Brazil and 54% in Santa Catarina, from January to November 2023. The main exports for the year were timber and its derivatives (41%), frozen meats and their derivatives (32%) and paper (5%). In imports, Portonave received plastics and derivatives (17%), textiles (11%), and machinery (10%). The countries with the most imports were China, the United States, and Colombia. The main export destinations were China, the United States, and Mexico. In addition to containers, Portonave handled special cargo such as engines, boats and even Brazilian Air Force (FAB) fighters. Three operations with Gripen F-39 fighters were carried out.

In addition to boosting the economy, the company stands out for its commitment to initiatives that align with ESG practices – Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. These initiatives include investments in sustainable equipment, support for social projects, continuous improvements, as well as training and engagement of teams. This guaranteed the Great Place to Work certification with 84 points; the highest score obtained by the company. The year ended with 1,200 direct and 5,500 indirect employees.

Cold Storage Chamber is certified for Food Safety

In 2023, 229,000 tons of food were handled at Iceport, of which 61% were poultry and pork, 34% were vegetables, and 5% were meats. The highlight was the growth in the movement of vegetables; an 88% increase compared to 2022. Last year, the handling of bovine meat was unprecedented at Iceport due to combined services from the Cold Storage Chamber and Portonave, which offers storage and handling solutions with speed and safety. The performance of the Chamber and its team resulted in the achievement of the Food Safety System Certification (FSSC 22000), recognizing good practices and quality of operations from risk management, quality control, hygiene practices, personnel training, to supplier monitoring.


Growth in refrigerated cargo

Reefer cargo grew by approximately 10%, with the handling of 140,782 TEUs – 30% of the Terminal’s exports. In 2023, 780 new reefer plugs were installed, which will prepare Portonave to receive even more frozen cargo. In total, it has 3,200 reefer plugs.

Record number of received trucks

Entrance and exit movements of trucks were also the highest ever recorded. 627,000 trucks accessed the terminal from January to December 2023; 20% up on the 523,000 received in 2022. The average was 2,000 trucks per day, with a peak of up to 3,000 vehicles in a single day in December.

Innovation and sustainability in operations

Portonave made focused improvements on reducing its environmental impact and promoting decarbonization. A total of 318 photovoltaic panels were installed for solar energy generation in the company´s refectory, entrance and reefer area. The panels produce approximately 18,094 kWh, monthly: equivalent to more than 100 households. The company operated eco-efficient equipment, such as the Eco Reach Stacker, reducing 40% of pollutant gas emissions and 18 electrified Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTGs) that reduce equipment pollutant gas emissions by 96.5%. In the 2023 Antaq award among Private Use Terminals (TUP), first place was achieved in one of the largest environmental recognitions in the country, the Environmental Performance Index (IDA). This was because of investments and environmental monitoring.

More than 45,000 people benefited

Around 30 social projects were supported in 2023. The company encourages projects focused on culture, education, sports, health and the environment; the Drug Resistance and Violence Educational Program, Estudante Cidadão, Somos do mar, Surf sem limites, Porto para Elas – which aims to empower women within the port sector. Through the Porto para Elas Program, 29 students completed a second edition exclusive to black women, in December. Thirteen women from the first group have already been hired by Portonave. The Maternity Support Program, attended by pregnant employees until up to one year after the baby’s birth, was internationally recognized in the Empowerment and Equality Category of the Maritime Americas Award.

New cycle of investments.

For the next five years, the Terminal will enter a virtuous investment cycle. A R$ 1 billion investment into Quay Structure Improvement  has begun, which will allow for the berthing of 24,000-TEU capacity vessels (unit of measurement equivalent to a 20-foot container) up to 400 m in length – the size of the latest launched in the market. It is the company’s largest investment since its establishment. Currently, vessels up to 350 meters in length with a handling capacity of up to 11,000 TEUs can be received. The works are scheduled to take place in two phases; while one side is under construction (450 meters), the other will continue to operate normally, without compromising activities. It is estimated that the intervention will be completed in 27 months.

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