Portonave is a pioneer in its operation of the first Electric Terminal Tractor in the South

The Schacman Shanghai Ally Automobile Electric Terminal Tractor (TT) has begun its operations. It is part of Portonave´s decarbonization project, which invests in modern and sustainable equipment to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE). The TT transports containers between vessels and the operating yard. The equipment is 100% electric, meaning it does not emit pollutants such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. Currently, the company has 40 Terminal Tractors. The intention is to carry out tests with the new equipment to evaluate new acquisitions and fleet replacements.

The Terminal Tractors bring agility to operations at the berth and have a load capacity of 90 tons. Charging the electric equipment is quick; with a 281 kilowatt-hour (kWh) iron phosphate and lithium battery and a 180 kW charger, it takes roughly 90 minutes to fully charge the TT. This ensures at least 9 hours of continuous autonomy, depending on the operating level. In addition to not emitting pollutant gases, the equipment offers advantages such as noise and vibration reduction, as well as increased operator comfort.

The electric TT underwent an endurance test at Portonave; it did not present any failures after 84 hours of operation, so was cleared for regular activities. Exporting to over 100 countries, the investment originates from Schacman Shanghai Ally Automobile, one of the largest manufacturers of heavy vehicles and parts in China. The Portonave team carries out maintenance after every 500 hours of operation. Approximately 140 employees currently work in Portonave´s Maintenance Department.

In the journey of decarbonization, electric equipment is an efficient and sustainable solution for companies looking to improve their environmental performance. Portonave is aligned with ESG practices (Environmental, Social and Governance), mainly investing in new technology aligned with the pillars of Intelligent Solutions and Long-lasting Company Legacy.

Postado por Giovanna Pegoraro